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Upcoming workshop: External versus internal variability on decadal and longer time scales

On Wednesday 14th September, the CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel (CDP) will launch the first of an intended series of annual CDP workshops. This year’s workshop will target our understanding of internal and externally forced variability in the climate system, their interaction on decadal timescales and longer, and the effects of variability on extreme events. To foster discussion that will stimulate focused research on this important topic, the workshop aims to tackle the following overarching questions:

  • How to isolate the relative contributions of external and internal variability to observed decadal and longer variability?
  • How do the various external forcings modulate internal variability?
  • How to progress in narrowing observational and modeling uncertainties in external and internal variability?
  • What are the effects of external and internal variability on extreme events?

The workshop will be online, and consist of six, weekly 2-hour sessions, from September 14th to October 19th, 2022. The sessions will be on Wednesdays with the timings varying to accommodate participation from different time zones.

Workshop program and further event information:


Dr. Helene Langehaug explains our work to the Norwegian Minister for Climate and the Environment

Photo by Gudrun Sylte

On January 31st 2022, the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research received Espen Barth Eide, our minister for Climate and the Environment, for a visit. On this occasion, Dr. Helene Langehaug gave a talk about the role of the ocean in improving climate predictions, which is a crucial aspect the Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit’s research work, towards improving predictions from seasons to several years ahead.
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Hybrid Workshop: Multi-annual to Decadal Climate Predictability in the North Atlantic-Arctic Sector, 20-22nd September 2021

The proceedings of our “Multi-annual to Decadal Climate Predictability in the North Atlantic-Arctic Sector” workshop, 20-22nd September 2021, jointly organized by the Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit, Blue-Action, ROADMAP and CLIVAR, are now available. Check this page for links and resources:

Professor Noel Keenlyside speaks at COP26 side event

Ocean connections from the Arctic across the globe. With Prof. Noel Keenlyside, University of Bergen and the Bjerknes Centre. 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM GMT (17.00-18.00 UTC+1)

This workshop will explore the importance of the ocean in the global and north west European climate, the need to ensure we are measuring the strength of ocean currents and the ocean’s properties, and how this information can be incorporated into climate models, climate services and decision-making at national and international levels.



  • Bee Berx (Scottish Government)
  • Mark Payne (Danish Meteorological Institute)
  • Jacob Høyer (Danish Meteorological Institute, GHRSST Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature)
  • Noel Keenlyside (Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, University of Bergen)
  • Marit Reigstad (UiT the Arctic University of Norway)
  • Siân Henley (University of Edinburgh)
  • Finlo Cottier (Scottish Association for Marine Science)

OrganizerScottish Government with the Danish Meteorological Institute, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, UiT the Arctic University of Norway, University of Edinburgh, Scottish Association for Marine Science

Online access to all events

No accreditation to COP26? Don’t worry. All events will be streamed by our media partner, We Don’t Have Time. Follow this event live on their COP26 streaming hub:

Workshop in June

In Bergen, on June 5-7th 2019, we will host for the third time running the workshop on Climate Prediction in the Arctic and North Atlantic sector. See the agenda here.

This year, we are joined by the EU H2020 modelling cluster, to discuss mechanisms of, and limitations to, predictability, and the challenges to developing climate services. Streaming link will be provided beforehand.