Bjerknes CPU involvement in related research projects

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Project Period Main funding agency; total budget (MNOK); Leader Relevance to BCPU and team members involved
BCPU Coordinating
4SICE 2022-2025 RCN China-Norway; 9,9; NERSC (NO) We lead this project and will further improve NorCPM for sea ice prediction. Wang, Counillon, Shen, Chiu, Keenlyside.
COMBINED 2022-2026 RCN China-Norway; 10; UiB (NO) The COMBINED project sets out to better understand interactions between the rapid warming of the Arctic and Tibetan Plateau, as well as other remote and regional feedback processes. We lead this project and contribute with NorCPM, using refined initialisation methods of the Arctic and Tibetan Plateau cryosphere. Keenlyside, Li, Bethke, Svendsen, Chiu.
PARCIM 2022-2026 Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research; 8; NERSC (NO) We lead this project and will develop assimilation of paleoproxy data so as to produce a long millenium reanalysis that can help us to better understand mutli-decadal variability. Counillon, Wang, Singh, Omrani, Keenlyside, Svendsen, Årthun.
DYNASOR 2022-2025 Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research; 8; UiB and HI (NO) Dynasor will further develop our mechanistic understanding of Arctic-Atlantic climate variability and predictability, namely, clarifying how currents and other features of the North Atlantic Ocean interact. Sandø, Årthun.
CoRea 2020-2023 RCN; 9,7; NERSC (NO) We lead this project, and will contribute advanced data assimilation methods and reanalysis dataset for improving climate prediction skill. Wang, Svendsen.
ROADMAP 2020-2024 JPIs Ocean and Climate; 27; MPI-Met (DE) We co-lead this project, and will contribute dynamical analysis and novel experiments to understand roles of ocean-atmosphere interaction and teleconnections in the climate of our region. Keenlyside, Omrani, Shen, Gao, Counillon, Langehaug.
TRIATLAS 2019-2023 EU H2020; 110; UiB We contribute to TRIATLAS’ key aim to develop climate-based ecosystem predictions for the tropical and south Atlantic. Keenlyside, Counillon, Svendsen, Silva, Barthélémy, Fransner, Hordoir, Primo
BCPU participating
Climate Futures 2020-2028 RCN Centre for research-based innovation; 96; NORCE (NO) [upcoming] Keenlyside, …
Impetus4Change 2022-2026 Horizon Europe; 100; NORCE (NO) [upcoming] Keenlyside, Barthélémy, Brajard
NextGEMS 2021-2025 Horizon 2020; 110; MPI-M(DE) [upcoming] Keenlyside
EUREC4A-OA 2020-2024 JPIs Ocean and Climate; 20; ENS-LMD (FR) We will contribute numerical experiments and analysis of ocean-atmosphere interactions associated with mesoscale oceanic eddies in the tropical Atlantic. Keenlyside
RACE 2020-2023 Belmont Forum; 8,8; IGE (FR) In this highly interdisciplinary project, we will contribute to the provision of climate model information for assessing impacts of climate change on Arctic infrastructure and society. Keenlyside, Omrani
Nansen Legacy 2017-2023 RCN; 360; UiT (NO) We contribute to the prediction of climate and biogeochemistry in Barents Sea. Within the project we are developing higher resolution version of NorCPM and biogeochemistry predictions Årthun, Li, Keenlyside, Eldevik, Efstathiou, Fransner
Completed projects
INES 2018-2021 RCN; 70; NORCE (NO) NorESM is being further developed with the INES infrastructure project. NorCPM will be provided as part this modelling infrastructure. noel-keenlyside, Bethke, Li, bilge, Chiu, Shen, Barthélémy, Counillon, Wang
Blue-Action 2016-2021 EU H2020; 75; DMI (DK) We contribute to the mechanisms and climate prediction activities for the Arctic-Atlantic focus of the project, including the development of advanced data assimilation approaches to initialize predictions
Pathway 2017-2020 RCN; 7,7; UiB (NO) Investigates mechanisms connecting predictability in the North Atlantic, Nordic Seas, and Arctic
ARCPATH 2016-2020 NordForsk NCoE; 28; NERSC (NO) We contribute to ARCPATH’s prediction activities for the Arcitc region, contributing improved methods to initialize sea ice.
InterDec 2016-2020 JPI Climate-Belmont Forum; 23; MPI-M (DE) Our focus here is on improving understanding of low-high latitude teleconnections
STERCP 2015-2021 EU (ERC CoG); 20; UiB (NO) Development of the super-model approach to reduce systematic errors in climate model and thereby improve predictions and projections of climate