Bjerknes CPU involvement in related research projects

Coordinated by BCPU team members
Project Period Main funding agency; total budget (MNOK); Leader Relevance to BCPU and team members involved
INES 2018-2021 RCN; 70; NORCE NorESM is being further developed with the INES infrastructure project. NorCPM will be provided as part this modelling infrastructure.
Nansen Legacy 2017-2023 RCN; 360; UiT We contribute to the prediction of climate and biogeochemistry in Barents Sea. Within the project we are developing higher resolution version of NorCPM and biogeochemistry predictions
SFE – Seasonal Forecasting Engine 2017-2021 RCN; 16; NORCE NorCPM is contributing to the multi-model ensemble seasonal forecasts being used for the development of targeted climate services focusing on nine Norwegian stakeholder partners.
Pathway 2017-2020 RCN; 7,7; UiB Investigates mechanisms connecting predictability in the North Atlantic, Nordic Seas, and Arctic
STERCP 2015-2020 EU (ERC CoG); 20; UiB Development of the super-model approach to reduce systematic errors in climate model and thereby improve predictions and projections of climate
Blue-Action 2016-2021 EU H2020; 75; DMI We contribute to the mechanisms and climate prediction activities for the Arctic-Atlantic focus of the project, including the development of advanced data assimilation approaches to initialize predictions
TRIATLAS 2019-2023 EU H2020; 110; UiB We contribute to TRIATLAS key aim to develop climate-based ecosystem predictions for the tropical and south Atlantic
ARCPATH 2016-2020 NordForsk NCoE; 28; NERSC We contribute to ARCPATH’s prediction activities for the Arcitc region, contributing improved methods to initialize sea ice.
InterDec 2016-2020 JPI Climate-Belmont Forum; 23; MPI-M Our focus here is on improving understanding of low-high latitude teleconnections