Basin Interactions and Predictability. In: Interacting Climates of Ocean Basins: Observations, Mechanisms, Predictability, and Impacts

Keenlyside, N., Y. Kosaka, N. Vigaud, A. Robertson, Y. Wang, D. Dommenget, J.-J. Luo, and D. Matei. 2020: Basin Interactions and Predictability, In: Mechoso (Ed.). Interacting Climates of Ocean Basins Observations, Mechanisms, Predictability, and Impacts. Cambridge University Press, 2020, 258-292 .
Summary: The general public is familiar with weather forecasts and their utility, and the field of weather forecasting is well-established. Even the theoretical limit of the weather forecasting – two weeks – is known. In contrast, familiarity with climate prediction is low outside of the research field, the theoretical basis is not fully established, and we do not know the extent to which climate can be predicted. Variations in climate, however, can have large societal and economic consequences, as they can lead to droughts and floods, and spells of extreme hot and cold weather. Thus, improving our capabilities to predict climate is important and urgent, as it can enhance climate services and thereby contribute to the sustainable development of humans in this era of climate change.

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