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Multidisciplinary perspectives on living marine resources in the Arctic

Kvamsdal, S.F., Dankel, D., Ekerhovd, N.-A., Hoel, A.H., Renner, A., Sandø, A.B., Steinshamn, S.I. 2022: Multidisciplinary perspectives on living marine resources in the Arctic. Polar Research. https://doi.org/10.33265/polar.v41.7766

Summary: Many areas in the Arctic are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We observe large-scale effects on physical, biological, economic and social parameters, including ice cover, species distributions, economic activity and regional governance frameworks. Arctic living marine resources are affected in various ways. A holistic understanding of these effects requires a multidisciplinary enterprise. We synthesize relevant research, from oceanography and ecology, via economics, to political science and international law. We find that multidisciplinary research can enhance our understanding and promote new questions and issues relating to impacts and outcomes of climate change in the Arctic. Such issues include recent insights on changing spawning migrations of the North-east Arctic cod stock that necessitates revisions of socioeconomic estimates of ecosystem wealth in the Barents Sea, better integrated prediction systems that require increased cooperation between experts on climate prediction and ecosystem modelling, and institutional complexities of Arctic governance that require enhanced coordination.

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