Mahaut de Vareilles

Mahaut de Vareilles

As manager, I am here to ensure the project goes smoothly and successfully. This includes facilitating the scientific and technical team's work where possible, assisting the financial, legal and HR team in their tasks, and ensuring, with support from our communication team, that our project officer, sponsors, advisory board and other stakeholders are truly on-board with us.

What are you most excited about with this project?
The fact that we have here a team of very skilled and motivated scientists and technicians,collaborating with a strong and dynamical international network, and backed up by very engaged sponsors, who are all striving towards the ambitious goal of being able to predict climate over the North Atlantic and Arctic from a season to several years ahead. It is also exciting to witness the increasingly more gender-balanced and young scientific task force, together with the plethora of new scientific questions to be answered as each path is explored and results are obtained.

What do you see as your biggest challenge for now?
The challenges are ever-changing for a manager but right now, I guess I could say the main focus is making sure the team stays on track and is not too affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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NFR SFI Climate Futures , EU H2020 TRIATLAS . (Completed: EU FP7 PREFACE , NFR EPOCASA , Nordforsk GREENICE)