NorCPM is developed for seasonal-to-decadal climate predictions and long-term reanalyses. It combines the Norwegian Earth system model  and the EnKF. NorCPM is unique in applying an advanced flow-dependent data assimilation in an isopycnal ocean model (i.e., MICOM) that preserves key climate quantities (e.g., ocean heat and salt content).

Demonstrating societal relevance

Although we focus on basic research, our results can be of great benefit to society. In this respect we perform experimental forecasts with NorCPM that are being provided Norwegian stakeholders through the seasonal forecast engine projection (SFE); this Research Council of Norway (RCN) project is lead by Erik Kolstad (NORCE) and involves nine stakeholder partners from hydropower, insurance, and other service providers. At the same time Institute for Marine Research is exploring the benefits of downscaling on dynamical forecasts for fisheries related application. In addition we contribute to the WMO Lead Centre for Annual-to-Decadal Climate Prediction. Furthermore, we will make our forecasts available on our website, and these will compared with in-house benchmark statistical forecasts.